Should I start this year?

This school year is flying by -- next week is March! So, why start something new now?

Here are 5 reasons why Lead4Change can be a perfect fit to the last few months of the school year.

  1. The heavy lifting is done. Schedules are set, students have settled into the year. The last ⅓ of the year includes spring break, state testing, competitive events for associations and everyone begins to look toward summer. Now is a great time to introduce the Lead4Change lesson activities (15-20 minutes each). Give your students new energy, a way to come together, something to fill the time when big tasks are done.

  2. A great test to ensure you are ready for a full roll-out next year. Have you struggled with finding time to implement Lead4Change at the beginning of the year. Why not tag a small group of students and get them started now. After Lesson 1, they can work as a team and complete the lessons on their own. They will provide feedback and be the test group to help you go bigger in the fall. Try Lead4Change now, and have confidence that it is worth incorporating into next year.

  3. The year has been busy but there is no big wow.  What can transform this year into being one to remember?? Lead4Change is ready to go! Using the 6-lesson track you have plenty of time to complete the lessons and a project to enter the Challenge by May 15th. What other work has the potential for your students to bring $10,000 to their school or community to fund real change?! Some of the most amazing Lead4Change Challenge entries through the years came from late starting teams who just wanted to make their year something to remember. It’s never too late to make a difference.

  4. I’ve got this group of students who need a challenge. Yes, we all know the students who need something more – or a new focus. Maybe it’s the gifted class, the business education class, the special needs class, the alternative school students or athletes out of season for their sport. Lead4Change has been used in so many different settings to be the difference maker. Lesson activities that show teens how to "be your best self" "value others and form a team" "market your idea" "set a big goal and achieve it." Who in your school needs these activities? 3 or more students is a Lead4Change team. Bring some students together and let them get started. They will transform!!  

  5. Seriously, I don’t have time. You are the perfect educator to start Lead4Change.  Assign a student to download the lessons. Schedule ½ hour and teach Lesson 1, Activity 1. Okay, you are done. The students can form a team or teams and go through the rest of the program. You are the coach, but you do not have to teach or lead every lesson. Now the students are busy, challenged and excited. You are free to complete tasks you’ve been taking home to do. It’s a win-win. As a time-pressed, best in class educator, we want to provide a program that is free, easy, ready to implement - and it works!  We have alignments to all education standards and research to show that the outcomes are exactly what you need to teach.  

Does all of this sound too good to be true? Let us connect you with an educator like you and they can share their story. Describe your situation and we will set up a call with a successful Lead4Change educator. What have you got to lose?

Advisory Time

One of our favorite kinds of stories to hear is how educators are transforming Advisory Time into productive, fun, results-driven time for students. 

By using the Lead4Change lessons, students can work in teams to develop key social-emotional and leadership skills. They will learn collaboration, communication, caring, self-awareness, achieving goals and so much more. 

In the process their work will benefit the school or community as they take on a real need and find solutions. The best part? After lesson 1, the lessons can be student led.

The work can be entered in the Lead4Change Challenge for an opportunity to win up to $10,000 for the school or local charity. We can’t wait to hear your story.  Turn out of class time into out-of-this-world time!!

New York, New York

It’s a New York City minute!! Are you one of the teachers across New York City who is doing Lead4Change this year?? 

There are so many great New York City educators registered and ready to go!!

We want to hear your story - take a minute to
connect here - so we are certain to capture your story and share with your administration. And let us honor your students with Certificates and Graduation Honor Cords (available to all Lead4Change Challenge participants)

And, throughout New York state there are so many teams working! Thank you for bringing Lead4Change into your school.

Our first Challenge round includes some amazing New York stories. Don’t delay, complete the lessons, project and Challenge entry so we can celebrate your story too!  

New York city, New York state - we salute educators making a difference in students’ lives!

Need to know...
  • Have you seen our newly released Research Study? We are excited to have evidence-based data supporting the learning outcomes of Lead4Change. See complete details here.

  • Meet Lead4Change team members at an upcoming conference:
    • Feb 27-29 Educating for Careers, CA CTE Long Beach, CA
    • March 9-10 New England League of Middle Schools, Rhode Island
    • March 13-16 ASCD Empower 2020, Los Angeles
    • March 18 NYC DOE District 75, New York City
    • March 25-29 Homeschool Expo Online

  • Do you need information from a previous newsletter? Would you like to share the newsletter with another educator? Find all previous newsletters here.

  • Once again the Lead4Change Program is excited to announce an excellent opportunity for our members.  
    • Ambassador Leaders is seeking volunteer teacher leaders to serve during their student leadership summits hosted at Harvard, Yale, UCLA and Johns Hopkins University.
    • Over the course of one week and in a small group setting, teacher leaders facilitate the Lead4Change curriculum and help students cultivate their leadership skills through service. Experience the power of student travel this summer with Ambassador Leaders. You can learn more and apply by visiting their website today!
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